Memoirs of My Body

Shreya Sen-Handley wrote a wildly popular column about body parts and body fluids, flings and romantic encounters. As readers, young and old, began to write back to her, Shreya stepped back to think about it all: her body, her writing and her life. Intensely personal and utterly universal, this is a book about everything: masturbation and the first kiss, pregnancy and sagging breasts, the wrong man and the right man. It is a tale of triumphs and tragedies, injustices (on a global scale) and ecstasy (the little ones we can all identify with). Funny, sad, serious and sometimes, very, very rude, Memoirs of My Body is the story of one woman and of Everywoman too.

Praise for the book:

A UNESCO Cities of Literature Best Reads of 2017, Best Non-fiction Book of the Year at the NWS Writing Awards 2018, International Women’s Day 2019 pick by the worldwide book-sharing organisation Book Fairies, and a WH Smith and Oxford Bookstores bestseller in India

“In this provocative book…Sen-Handley’s writing is fresh and uncompromising. This sassy, engaging book is at once Sen-Handley’s story and a universal one. Men and women will find the book challenging and will have much to learn from it.”
Business Standard

“Sharp, hilarious, and relatable are three words that best describe Shreya Sen-Handley’s book Memoirs of My Body…a pleasure to read and extremely hard to put down”
Hindustan Times

“… It made me smile loads, in recognition – as a parent, a lover, an ageing human being. And it made me actually wince a couple of times when I realised I was a part of the same tide of masculinity which has treated you so badly on occasion … Thank you again for delivering such a thought provoking, heartfelt and witty book.”
William Ivory, three time BAFTA nominee and leading British television & theatre writer

“Your writing stirs the ashes of despair and desire- that dangerous combination of anger and of hope which is essential to start the human revolution … It was a delight and privilege to read your book. Thank you.”
Stephen Lowe, Award-winning playwright and director

“An edgy, funny, always feisty, sometimes sad, story of a sparky woman’s very identifiable but deeply personal adventures that everyone should read, laugh over and really think about.”
Prajwal Parajuly, author of Land Where I Flee and The Gurkha’s Daughter

“Nearly missed my bus stop, I was so engrossed!”
Paula Rawsthorne, Award Winning Author

“Searingly honest and very witty, like having a conversation with a good friend”
Bromley House Library, founded 1816

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