Shreya Sen-Handley’s new HarperCollins book of short stories which the great Ruskin Bond has described as “masterful”, and best-selling author Prajwal Parajuly, as “profoundly unsettling and unusual” comprises….

“Thirteen twisted tales of the unexpected

A disenchanted wife embarks on a one-night stand…

A wheelchair-bound poet comes home to roost, upsetting the balance of his carer’s life…

A troubled mother finds solace in an unusual place…

A man in an office begins to steal stationery for no apparent reason…

The stories in Shreya Sen-Handley’s Strange are about everyday people whose lives take unforeseen turns. Suddenly, they find themselves drawn inexorably into encounters and situations that weren’t part of their plan, but which result in the shocking revelation of buried parts of their psyches.

Strange is a book that will have you engrossed, as you try to guess what happens at the end of each story; and its characters will haunt you for a long time after you’ve turned the last page.”


Praise for the book:

“The author is adept at evoking an atmosphere of fear in apparently mundane situations. After reading some of these dark tales I found myself looking under my bed. Masterful!”
Ruskin Bond

“A superb collection of profoundly unsettling and unusual stories, “Strange” will surprise, shock and leave a lasting impression.”
Prajwal Parajuly

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