My ‘Strange’ writing journey on respected British literary magazine The Asian Writer!


I have so enjoyed writing this collection; letting loose with my imagination, my arsenal of words and mischievously twisted ideas. Every story is a world unto itself in this book, tied together only by their unpredictability. I have revelled in writing stories from completely different genres, like horror, science fiction, fantasy, crime, the supernatural, romance and even comedy, and then packing it into the same slim volume. There’s plenty of humour in these stories, but there is also the exploration of themes that affect us all – grief, trauma, crime, betrayal, discrimination, mental health issues, and more. The settings are equally diverse, ranging from Corfu to Bristol to Delhi, and even places spawned in my mind. And like my short story heroes, I haven’t skimped on the chills and thrills. I have also imbued it with music, which thespian Jayant Kripalani pointed out when reading aloud from my book to a Calcutta audience.

“She has had a big impact on Nottingham” says the county’s biggest newspaper in a two page spread


A Nottingham-based writer who was born in India is trying to revive the popularity of short stories with her latest book of 13 “twisted tales of the unexpected.” Shreya Sen-Handley, born in Calcutta, recently launched her second book, ‘Strange’, which looks at ordinary people “whose lives take unforeseen turns” as the characters end up in situations they did not see coming….The book is Shreya’s second, with her first book – ‘Memoirs of My Body’ – a tale of how the female body changes over the life of a woman. It was shortlisted as a ‘Best Read of 2017’ by UNESCO Cities of Literature.