Book Review: ‘Strange’ is as extraordinary as promised

WhatsApp-Image-2019-09-17-at-5.45.17-PM-696x929Strange’ is as extraordinary as promised. Every story just comes alive in a few pages and leaves you begging for more, no matter how strange. These stories are not something you read in passing. Every story has a soul of its own. This was my first book by Shreya, and I instantly fell in love with her writing style. There’s something about it. It’s charming. Sort of lyrical and poetic. I know its wrong to compare authors but to give you a sense of how good it was; strange stories felt like a Gillian Flynn story written by Margaret Atwood. It’s a must-read for people who love horror and thrillers. But also for everyone who has a thing for words and literature.

Books of the week: ‘Strange’

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By Shreya Sen-Handley
HarperCollins India | Rs 350 | 208 pages

The protagonists of Shreya Sen-Handley’s stories are ordinary people whose lives take unexpected turns, placing them in situations that reveal the deeply buried parts of their psyches. From a wife trying a casual sexual encounter to a man stealing office stationary for no discernible reason, the stories examine the behaviour and responses of ordinary people to the many situations life throws at them. Each story promises to leave the reader with many questions and haunted by the characters they have read.